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October 07, 2019

You may have heard the word athleisure thrown around, but like the term “Disruptive innovation”, you’re never really sure if it’s a good thing or some silly sauna suit. Athleisure wear has been described as the intersection of comfort and style. It’s when people wear work-out clothing outside the gym, seeping sport into their everyday lives. 

Zenpulse is a big player in the athleisure space. We make all our clothes right here in Miami, and we ensure it meets all the requirements of both casual and athletic use. But when and why did ‘gym gear’ leak into the streets, and does it offer genuine benefits? 

Whether you did it knowingly or not, at some point, you introduced sportswear into your daily life. The biggest driver of this type of fashion was the fitness craze that erupted between the late 1970’s and early 1980s. People used to work out in old branded t-shirts, shorts, and sweat pants. Mostly the ones leftover from gym class and college.

Function and fashion

By the late 1990s and early 2000s, people were buying a separate wardrobe dedicated to exercise. These included tracksuits, and track jackets, sometimes bearing the name of their favorite sports team. The corresponding result was that major sportswear companies began to incorporate style into their clothing. 

And as sportswear became more stylish, we added more and more of it into our everyday wear. It led to more innovation from manufacturers, and materials such as spandex, nylon, Lycra, and polyester were introduced to improve comfort, stretch, and breathability. These clothes also needed wicking capacity for sweat and moisture. 

Experts agreethe athleisure trend is here to stay, and at Zenpulse, we ensure our garments can easily transition between the gym, the mall, and the dance floor. For example, our Alexandra leggings and their white inlay are incredibly versatile. You could wear it with a cropped shirt and bikini top at the beach, or a ripped tee for Zumba class. 

Compression is key 

Our leggings feel super soft and cottony on your skin, and they don’t seem as garish as 80s neon tights. Instead, the sleek black works with anything in your wardrobe. And unlike skinny jeans that are torture to get into, Zenpulse leggings have ankle zippers for easy dressing (and undressing). They offer superior compression. How does this help?

One, in summer weather, you can show off your beach body as your tights compress some of your less slightly bulges. If your choice of summer sport is beach volleyball rather than marathons, your tights will keep you looking hot and feeling protected. The compression fabric doesn’t just control your jiggly bits, it preserves them too.

How so? By holding each muscle and sinew tightly in place, it reduces soreness and minimizes your chances of injury by preventing unnecessary movement and helping you maintain correct form. Think of it this way. Imagine jumping up and down as you lunge for the ball. If your cellulite wiggles too much, you could strain a thigh muscle.

Enhanced muscle control

But if all those limbs are held in the right jumping position, then you work on the right ligaments and tendons, so your exercise routine is more effective, there’s less muscle strain, your body movements are streamlined … and you look good while doing it. Similarly, think about the function of a sports bra, especially one with added support.

The reason guys love beach volleyball is players often wear bikinis during the game. But if you pay attention, you’ll notice these volleyball players can only manage short bursts of activity. Why? Because their breasts bump against each other while also battling gravity, so even if they’re not self-conscious, they soon feel sore and antsy.

Our Amelie bras – on the other hand – separate your breasts, preventing them from bumping each other. The mesh fabric lets your skin breathe, so you don’t feel sticky, smelly, and sweaty like you would in normal bras. Amelie holds your boob fat in position, preventing excess movement and helping you exercise the chest muscle underneath. They offer medium support, so they’re good for light jogs and tai chi.

More comfort for better results

Even if you’re not interested in exercise, Amelie sports bras are a great athleisure item. Their long-line cut makes them excellent substitute for a top, and they can be worn with leggings and a fitting bomber jacket. They can also be paired with shorts or leggings in the summer, to avoid getting to hot while on your errands.

These leggings offer you complete range of motion, so there’s little to no chafing at the thighs, even in the most humid conditions. They don’t get uncomfortable when it’s hot, and the compression makes you look and feel good. It keeps your silhouette sleek and firm for that extra confidence boost, and because they’re designed for working up a sweat, they dry quickly on laundry day as well. 

Finally, if you want to show a little leg at the beach, consider trying our athleisure dresses. We like to keep them on the shorter side – they drape mid-thigh. It’s a good way to show off your soft natural curves, as well as your hard-earned toning lines. The sleeveless design is great exposure for those endless bicep curls you’ve been doing.

Flatter your frontals

The v-neck on the dress draws attention to your firm cleavage and your toned shoulders, giving you the right mix of soft, sweet, strong, and sultry. So for the exercise buff that spends multiple hours at the gym every day, this Aynara dress is a cheeky way of exposing your softer side to your fellow gym rats. They’ll see you in a whole new way.

When you shop at Zenpulse, you have access to a full top-to-toe wardrobe, from support bras to easy-wear tights and body-hugging bomber jackets. We even have hoodies to keep you warm during that early morning run or chilly evening bike ride. 

As for sandy volleyball, forget that flirty bikini and opt for an Amelie bra paired with a Camila shorts. You’ll still look good, but the added range of movement will keep your body hot pink or cool navy … as opposed to getting undressed after your day of bursting beach balls, then finding yourself black and blue from all that bouncing around.

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