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October 04, 2019

When the yoga craze first hit the west, it was all about flexibility and movement. Yoga pants were made from stretchy fabrics to accommodate those insanely gymnastic contortions. After all, your pigeon pose would probably split your regular work-out clothes in five different places! Besides, you need a certain … body type … to wear clothes that snug.

But then ‘vintage’ stores started stocking pre-owned yoga clothes, and they found their way into the wardrobes of the non-contortionist crowd. Us plebes discovered just how comfy those ‘exercise clothes’ were, and we started wearing them, even when we didn’t have the dimensions, dexterity, or even the mildest interest in  pushing our bodies to their limits.

This increase in demand led the sports fashion industry to … expand. They made versatile sports clothes in a wider variety of styles and sizes, from sweatpants and casual hoodies to lycra and spandex. The focus is on comfort and relaxation, which is why the label changed from sports-wear to athleisure. That said, some users still work out in these clothes, which influences design.

Easy breathing fabrics

If you’re wearing athleisure for your Saturday cleaning sessions, you need the same features as someone doing their morning run. After all, you’ll be dealing with just as much sweat and exertion. Scrubbing bathroom tiles can really get your pulse going, and it’ll catch the grout stains just as easily as a runner can get soiled by puddles in the park.

Zenpulse understands this, which is why our clothing follows our name. We stitch clothes that are comfortable, giving you complete zen. But our fabrics are tough enough to sustain the punishments of running 21 miles (or scrubbing your grimy oven and cleaning out your gutters). They offer the premium feel of any professional athlete, but at friendlier prices.

We get the lure of sports fashion. We know how inspiring it is to see Serena’s Tutu or Michael Phelps’ swim trunks. But we also know these stars are paid to wear those clothes. If they weren’t being endorsed, chances are they couldn’t afford those yellow Metro Ball sneakers either! So Zenpulse attempts to offer superior style on a budget.

And because we get that you’re not necessarily practicing for the Olympics, we ensure our pieces are equally at home at the Zumba studio as they are on the couch or school run. Case in point – while we don’t have neon yellow sneakers to go with your ball gown, we do have casual athleisure dresses. You could wear them to the mall, or to the kids’ ball game.

Casually breathable dresses

Our Zenpulse dresses gracefully straddle comfort and chic. The fabric is completely breathable, which means even though your dress is hugging your curves, you won’t feel overheated or clammy. If you do work up a sweat – whether it’s from tossing tennis balls or fanning yourself by the pool, your dress will absorb the moisture without exposing your sweat stains.

We have two dresses in stock at the moment. They’re both Aynara dresses, and they both retail for less than $100. Our dresses are designed to fit your curvy contours without leaving your exposed. They’re flirty and feminine, but they’re also practical, with pockets on each side and a convenient front zipper that rides down below your waistline.

The long zip-line makes it easy to get in and out of the dress, especially after a hot day in the sun. Our Aynara dresses are a deliciously slimming black, with an option of black or white trim. It’s a sleeveless v-neck design that easily transitions from your day-time summer look to an evening out with friends. And its stretchy texture isn’t just for sports – you can dance in it too!

Sizing perfection

Our Aynara dresses ride sexily at mid-thigh, keeping it both fashionable and weather-appropriate. It comes in four sizes from XS to L. We source our fabrics from all over the world (except China), but we keep the design and manufacture process safely within US borders. Everything you order from us comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

The dress is itself is soft on your skin, and it gives your look a touch of softness too, because it’s genteel and full of female energy, but it also gives you the room you need to exercise with strong masculine intensity, making it the best of both worlds. That said, you maybe be worried about camel toes and panty lines, the bane of body-con fashion. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Our Zenpulse fashion line does have a selection of undergarments to keep your curves and bulges tight. From Amelie bras to Alexandra leggings, our compression fabrics will sit unobtrusively beneath your body-hugging dress, ensuring there’s no unsightly spillage. Our undergarments are fashionably subtle, and are available in bright uplifting colors.

Bras and leggings

Ever since the fashion world agreed that tights can be pants, leggings (and jeggings) have made their way out of yoga studios and into the streets. Our Alexandra leggings can be worn as they are or they can be slipped under other clothes for added support. They have cutesy, convenient zippers that run from ankle level to mid-calf, so you don’t have to squeeze into them.

Your friends will be amazed at how something so snug can slip onto your body so effortlessly. And the compression cloth construction ensures your body stays tight, with no awkward jiggles or unsightly lumps. Your Alexandra leggings will fit like a second skin, but our patented breathability factor gives the clothes a barely-there feel. You might forget you have them on!

Like our other clothing items, Alexandra leggings are fully designed and put together in Miami, so they’re proven and tested for working out in balmy seaside climate. So whether you’re jamming along to a music video, sweating it out at spin class, taking a jog on the beach, or picking up the kids from sports practice, your leggings will go the distance.

No nips!

Up top, your Amelie bra offers medium support, so you can walk and dance, but we recommend something stronger for extra exertion. Still, for everyday use under your Aynara dress or even a regular t-shirt, Amelie bras will keep you safe from boob-sweat and slick summer skin. The front and back have mesh panels to give the skin the ventilation it needs and reduce overheating.

The front of your bra has a deep V, and is gorgeous enough to be worn as a top, whether you’re heading to the gym or strolling to froyo central. It comes in hot pink and cool navy, and gives you the perfect balance of coverage and skin, especially with those teasing cuts at your band and back. Meanwhile, the solid back panel (as opposed to clasps) offers added bust-line support.

So whether you want to splash around on the beach, walk into class straight from the gym, or remodel yourself as sporty and sultry, Zenpulse has an outfit you’re sure to love. Check out our catalogues today and we’ll help you get fitted and fit!

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