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Zenpulse was founded with balance in mind – body, and soul – for those constantly on the go. The modern woman seeks internal peace in movement, whether it is during a yoga session, taking a walk to her favorite cafe, hitting the gym, or going for a bike ride. We design stylish, seasonless, and versatile clothing which can be mixed, matched, and worn during every activity without boundaries.

Our goal is to empower everyone to feel confident, promote movement, health, and wellness. We believe that every piece of clothing should promote self-expression. So every time you reach into your closet, it should feel natural and uncompromising.

The Zenwoman admires beauty and style, she already feels empowered, we just offer the tools.



Zenpulse’s apparel designs are not bound to a specific space, but rather promote every day on the go lifestyle. Our designs can seamlessly be combined with your existing wardrobe and complement your body while keeping functionality and style in mind.

Boundary-breaking active lifestyle clothing combines high performance with high fashion. Our design team fuses minimalism with impactful detailing to create styles that flatter the female form and instill women with the confidence to rise to any challenge.


Whether it’s post-workout smoothie with the gang or a quick run to the supermarket, Zenpulse’s transitional pieces span outside of the gym or studio into the day-to-day.


We are dedicated to providing quality garments that withstand the test of the everyday life. All of our designs are created with attention to details and precision craftsmanship.


Zenpulse was founded on integrity as the core of the brand. We stay true in conducting Zenpulse with integrity in our relationships, from our suppliers to our consumers.


We are constantly seeking to reduce our footprint on the planet, which is why we produce small quantities, use carefully sourced fabrics, and abide by fair labor laws.